Small Group Spanish Classes (4 people max)

We meet 2x a week for 8 consecutive weeks and each class is 90 mins. 

A1.1 is the first course that we offer - is for people who have never taken a Spanish class before or took some Spanish in High School or College and need a refresher from the basics. The rest of the series (A1.2, A1.3 etc) are a continuation of the level. Here is our class schedule for class dates and times.

You may still enroll after a session has started as long as you are at the same level of the class and we have the availability. Please read below for registration fees.    




Early bird reg. ---> $30/1.5 hr class * 16 classes/8 wks --> $480

Late reg. ---> $33/1.5 hr class * 16 classes/8 wks --> $528


Early bird reg. ---> $30/1.5 hr class * 8 classes/8 wks --> $240

Late reg. ---> $33/1.5 hr class * 8 classes/8 wks  --> $264


  • Small Group Setting (4 ppl max - "shared private class").

  • 2x week or 1x week /90 minutes each class/8 week courses.

  • Early bird opens 2 - 3 weeks before the beg. of each session.

  • Classes are prepaid & payment is non-refundable/non -transferable.

  • Please contact us to set up a free assessment today!