To strike a perfect balance between a friendly approach and professionalism. We aim to promote diversity through a one of a kind language learning experience that combines cultural activities with classroom instruction.   



We focus on the nuance of communication. We encourage mistakes by creating a comfortable and ideal language learning setting. 

Founder & language enthusiast

Eduardo Vega "Lalo"

Lalo is passionate about learning, teaching and traveling. He was born in the U.S but grew up in beautiful Bogotá, Colombia. He is a native Spanish speaker with an extensive background teaching languages. He is qualified and certified in teaching Spanish and English as a second language (ELE & ESL).  

After serving 4 years in the U.S Navy, in WA, he moved to San Diego, CA to pursue a degree in International Business. During his school years, he lived in China for 18 months, studied Mandarin, and taught English and Spanish in 3 different language institutions. He also worked for a Chinese company assisting in business practices and International trade.  Lalo has a high command of Mandarin Chinese (HSK level 5/C1) and is currently learning French. He has acquired his language skills by the combination of living, studying and working where the target language is spoken but most importantly following "the speak from day 1 approach".

He is ceaselessly patient and fully understands what it takes to learn languages. His enthusiasm and warm personality are some of his teaching tools to encourage and foster conversation in the target language, for he firmly believes that is the most effective way to learn languages. 

His goal as a language instructor is to make language learning fun. Some of his hobbies include; sailing, hiking, cooking and brewing.  


You can reach out to him @ lalo@cultureandlanguagecenter.com